Vita Cradle

Vita Cradle

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The cradle is made out of three parts – the basket and the base, connected by the main curve. This curve enables the cradle to rock in many different levels. The base is composed of different pieces of wood joined asymmetrically, giving the cradle the highest degree of stability. The basket is spacious and very comfortable. The sleeping baby is enclosed in a soft cradle bumper, with no direct contact with the slats of the cradle.

There were several properties of the Vita cradle which using the cradle turned out to be major advantages. The first one was that the baby fell asleep by itself when it moved and the cradle was rocking in different levels. Another advantage was that the baby loved to snuggle to the soft bumper, where it felt like in mother's belly, and many times fell asleep this way by itself.

Ease of use is something else to consider. An advantage of the Vita cradle is also that it can be moved above the bed, and the baby is near the mother, so she does not have to get out of bed to pick up the baby. The sides of a crib are much higher than a cradle, so putting your baby down and picking him up can be difficult, especially if you’re recovering from a difficult birth or a cesarean delivery. The sides of the Vita cradle are shorter than your arms, so you can lay your baby down easily without having to bend over.

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