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Who we are?

The company #M-interieri produces 100% #handmade #wooden products that are distinguished by the innovative design combined with nature. Since the company is located in #Slovenia, the land of forests, we are specialized for wooden products that are made out of carefully selected natural and local materials such as high quality #solidwood or #beeswax wood finish. Our story started with the development of a line of organic shaped pieces of furniture named Organica. It all started with the first product, the Stone chair, made in 2013. Since then, we came up with a lot of ideas about the potential products and designs. In order to realize them, in 2015 we founded the company M-interieri. In 2016, we completed two successfull projects, the #Vitacradle, and the #Scorpiolamp. Our products are made for people of all ages – from newborns to adults. They are all child-friendly for the natural materials that are used. We are a creative team that is constantly working on new ideas and #products which you can find on our site. Follow us and we will keep you posted on our work.

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